Lake Adventures

A trip to the Lake District simply wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of its stunning lakes. A chance to explore remote islands and tranquil beaches, surrounded by dramatic, beautiful scenery. What better way to spend some special family time than in a canoe, kayak or even on a stand-up paddle board? An opportunity to see the Lake District from an entirely new perspective; to see wildlife you otherwise might have missed; and a chance to enjoy the peace and quiet in a safe, secluded environment, away from the bustling streets of Windermere and Bowness. Our Lake Adventure Partners will make you feel at home in no time, gliding through the waters of Lake Windermere, or tackling the more technical challenges posed by the River Brathay. Of course, if you fancy something altogether less energetic, why not take advantage of our very own Lake Cruiser, Tintin II, a Maxima 720 retro kept at our private boathouse?